Water & Sewer



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We are pleased to provide our residents with the option of a direct payment plan for payment of your monthly water bill. You can have your payment deducted automatically from your checking or savings account each month.

Direct Payment Plan Offers: • Time savings – fewer checks to write, mail or deliver • Convenience – bills get paid even if you’re out of town • Good Credit Building – payment is always on time • Additional savings – no postage, fewer checks to purchase • Easy – easy to sign up, easy to cancel • No late fees

How it Works: • Complete and return the authorization form (click here). • Your monthly water bill will be mailed to you with an indication that the payment is scheduled for electronic ACH payment. • The payment of your water bill will be made automatically on the 20th of each month. Proof of payment appears on your banking statement. • Authority to charge your bank account remains in effect until you notify us in writing to terminate the service. • Direct payment is dependable, flexible, convenient and easy.

Completing the Form: • Please print clearly and legibly. • Attach a voided check for verification of all financial information, or carefully print your complete account number and bank routing number. • Be sure to sign the form.

Return the form to our office: • Mail to Village of Luxemburg, PO Box 307, Luxemburg, WI 54217 - or • Fax to 920-845-2902 - or • Email to clerktreasurer@luxemburgusa.com - or • Drop off the form in person. Our office hours are 7:45 AM to 4:15 PM. After hours, place the form in the outside drop box. • If you have any questions, please contact us at 920-845-2722 • The completed form must be received in our office before the 10th day of the month in which the payment will be withdrawn.



Our 2015 CCR is available by clicking here.  This report provides valuable information regarding the qualityof the drinking water in our village.  The report is provided on an annual basis.